International Antique Institute

International Antique Institute(インターナショナル・アンティーク・インスティチュート)は、2013年に19か国からの筑波大学有志によって、文化伝承教育とアンティークショップの協力体制形成を目的に結成されました。実際の活動は2013年9月から始まり、現在に至るまで教育・文化協力の領域で少しずつ活動を広めてまいりました。現時点(2016年4月時点)では世界の25店舗が協力加盟店舗となっています。

当団体が設立した日本では19店舗、中国に3店舗、ロシアに5店舗、ドイツに3店舗が協力店として提携しています。 当団体は「古きよきもの」の復興という立場から、異文化相互理解を促進する活動を進めてまいりました。ここでいう「異文化」は、国や地域だけを指すものではなく、世代間を超えた交流も含まれています。当団体の会員は様々な文化的バックグラウンド、様々な世代より形成されています。

現在精力的に行っている活動は2つあります。ひとつはアンティークショップの店主の方を招いて講座を開催する"From Shop to Study"というプログラムです。骨董品の見方だけでなく、売買における経験などを語っていただくもです。もうひとつは、小学生から大学生までを対象とした異文化理解講座です。これまでに日本の学校10校にお招きいただき、300人を超える学生たちに当団体の講座を提供してきました。


Found in 2013 by the University of Tsukuba club activists from 19 different countries with the purpose of cultural heritage education and antique shop cooperation. The official educational activity of volunteers took place already since September 2013 and current web page with partners and educational activity hopefully can reflect just a little bit, the great amount of work has been done in the sphere of education and cultural cooperation.

At the moment we are cooperating with 25 shops all over the world, 19 shops in Japan, where the International Antique Institute have been found, 3 shops in China, 5 shops in Russia and 3 shops in Germany.

Currently our volunteers have visited 10 school and showed more than 300 students differences and similarities of 19 different cultures all over the world. Our partners have held 2 university lectures regarding antique, heritage education and cultural understanding. We are focusing not on plus-minus position, but on similar-and-different mentality, that teach children from the early age importance of cultural diversity, international cooperation and possibility to create strong and win-win based international society.

Our program "Culture through Antique" started in November 2014 focused on intercultural cooperation through understanding and first of all education. Our volunteers have participated in more than 15 discussion, trying to enlarge lore not only school students or university students, but also middle aged and aged people for the purposes of intercultural understanding.

Our new-started program "From Shop to Study" bring the opportunity of sharing the experience of antique shop owners as well as university teachers for the purposes of international cooperation and antique-based intercultural education. The last but not least, we sincerely hope that the understanding of importance of antique as the vivid and clear way to understand cultural diversity will be a base not only for education, but as a ground for rational and individual based understanding of art and beauty, grow up well educated and internationally friendly individual as a part of special and inimitable culture.