[Culture through Antique] 国際連合20周年記念日の茶道展開(ドイツ・ボン市)

UN 20th Anniversary Tea Ceremony (Germany, Bonn)



On 29th October 2016, International Antique Institute in association with United Nations Association organised Tea Ceremony for 20th Anniversary of United Nations in Bonn city. The event was held in Bonn, Bonner Markt and attracted various generations of people, introducing them all the beauty and grace of Japanese Tea culture. We are very glad that as in many other events of International Antique Institute, antique and tea were used here, outside of Japan, to enhance intercultural cooperation and World peace.

[From Shop to Study] 吉田憲司先生・金継ワークショップ

Kintsugi Workshop by Kenji Yoshida



On 11.09.2016 Kenji Yoshida, professional antique dealer explained more about traditional Japanese way of restoration with gold "Kintsugi".

[From Shop to Study]梶高明先生 『侘びと寂びについて話しましょう』

Lecture by Kaji Taka'aki "About Wabi and Sabi"



On 20.07.2016 the International Antique Institute hosted the fourth lecture, inviting the very important and well known person in the world of antique, lector, dealer and owner of "Kaji's Antique" Mr. Kaji Taka'aki. Mr. Kaji brought antique items to vividly show specialities of Japanese culture. All participants were be able to experience the real feel of antique, touch real 200 to 300 year old peaces of art, which could be never experienced in a museum or art class at school. This event was followed by a magnificently interesting lecture that will open one's mind to a totally new and unforgettable view of art. The lecture held at the beautiful and traditional Japanese building of University of Tsukuba (筑波大学開学記念館). Prior to the lecture, a Japanese Tea Ceremony was performed using the antique items. At the end of the event we are going to take a memorial photo and distribute it to all participants.

[TV] Chanmiyo TV Education through Antique



On 7th April International Antique Institute was invited in Chanmiyo TV to speak about education through antique.

[TV] International Antique Institute at Chanmiyo TV


On the threshold of new lecture of Taka'aki Kaji International Antique Institute was remarked by Chanmiyo TV on 15 April 2016.

【ちゃんみよTV】International Antique Institute 活動内容のご紹介【創立者Georg von Fingerhut出演】

[Culture through Antique] 麝香猫コーヒー茶会


It was one of the most exciting tea ceremonies events of the year. International Antique Institute is delighted by the possibility to contribute to the event.

[Culture through Antique] UNESCO世界の友達と話そう


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[Culture through Antique] Toyosato Jr. High School


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