[Culture through Antique] 世界の友達と話そう

UNESCO Sekai no Tomodachi to Hanaso



On 25.11.2015 Unesco together with Ibaraki International Association, International Antique Institute took part in the program "Sekai no Tomodachi to Hanaso" (Lets talk with friends around the world). Around 25 people of different age gathered in Tsutitura Public Hall and could enjoy specialities of German and Indonesian culture.

[Culture through Antique] UNESCO世界の友達と話そう


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[Culture through Antique] 豊里中学校 訪問授業「日常生活のアンティーク」Antique in Your Life at Toyosato Junior High School


On 29.10.2015 International Antique Institute was invited in Toyosato Junior High School with lecture Antique in Your Life.

[Publishing] Remarked by PCY Fellows

As the result of three years full of hard work and selfless affords to make borders closer and minds opener, International Antique Institute, its history, activity and achievements were honorably remarked by PCY Fellows on 2015.07.31. For that reason, International Antique Institute was asked to write a short article, that being published in July's Edition of "Peace Quarter" Journal. Please check the full version of the "Peace Quarter" or follow us in our Facebook group.

[Culture through Antique] Tsukuba City Chat Cafe

2015年7月3日のつくばCity Chat Cafeでは、青絵付けの磁器について皆さんとお話ししました。それぞれの世代・文化の意見や経験を伺ってみると、磁器の透き通る白と、中東で用いられた青色との間の関連性についての推測に至りました。参加者全員が意見を出し、積極的に議論に参加することで、様々な事例について知ることもできました。IAIのイベントがきっかけとなり、多くの人が意見を開き、近づいていくことができれば幸いです。

During Tsukuba regular City Chat Cafe held on 3rd of July 2015 interesting discussion about emergence of blue porcelain took place. After sharing of opinions and experience in between generations and cultures, we came to an extraordinary assumption about possible connection of pure white color of China and thick blue color commonly used in Middle East. All the members of discussion could express their opinion, actively participate in discussion and get to know more about different cultures in vivid examples. We hope that this time too International Antique Institute could make the borders closer and people opener.

[Culture through Antique] 「茶の湯を通じた美術感覚」

Lecture by Kaji Taka'aki "Perception of beauty through Tea Ceremony"

On 06.04.2015 famous and important person in the world of Antique, lector, dealer and owner of "Kaji's Antique" Mr. Kaji Taka'aki visited University of Tsukuba in third time with the lecture "Perception of beauty through Tea Ceremony". This time Mr. Kaji Taka'aki introduced peace of art made by Rosanjin (Fusajiro Kitaoji). The single peace currently cost more than 1 million yen, whereas Mr. Taka'aki brought 4 art objects and let us understand the beauty of modern japanese pottery.

[Culture through Antique] Global Commons Caffe


On 28.01.2015 members of International Antique Institute took part in Global Commons Caffe and introduced its view on Culture Through Antique.

Members of IAI new year party

Members of IAI gathered together on New Year Matcha Party and discussed plans for upcoming 2015 year.

[Lecture] Kaji Taka'aki "Japanese Beauty"

On 06.11.2014 International Antique Institute held second lecture of famous and important person in the world of Antique, lector, dealer and owner of "Kaji's Antique" Mr. Kaji Taka'aki. This time Mr. Kaji Taka'aki visiting University of Tsukuba kindly introduced us "Japanese Beauty" (日本の美). This time as well Mr. Kaji Taka'aki kindly brought from Kyoto different art objects to all the participants had an opportunity to understand on the personal experience, the real feeling of antique.

[Culture through Antique] Toyosato Jr. High School


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